A faith based program that meets the needs of adults with disabilities

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HEC is a volunteer Christian group open to people of all faiths and whose mission is to enhance the spiritual and social lives of everyone who participates. HEC provides disabled individuals the opportunity to enjoy community experiences in a facility that is completely accessible. We have two retreats a year, a Christmas party, and a summer picnic.

OUR weekend retreats provide an opportunity for people to share their life experiences with each other and to grow in spirit and confidence to face the challenges of daily life. These weekends form the foundation of our HEC family and fuel the supportive network we maintain throughout the year.

HEC believes in a “we are all equal” philosophy and includes all participants as speakers, planners, and facilitators. At the retreats each disabled participant is buddied with an able-bodied participant so that we become hands, legs, sight, voices, and ears for each other.  The weekend retreat provides an opportunity for


participants to realize their gifts and to share them more fully with others. We are all part of Christ’s family and come together as one for healing and strength.

The retreat program is a combination of talks, discussions, reflection time, social fun, and a liturgy.  All the activities promote a better sense of who we are and how God figures into our lives.

HEC events provide an opportunity for family to become involved in our activities filled laughter, fun and smiles.

Our retreats are held at Short Journey Retreat Center in Smithfield. This facility is fully accessible and air conditioned. We also provide transportation assistance to the best of our ability.

We are always looking for new people to participate.  If you are 18 years old or older and desire to try a rich, spirit filled experience, come on a HEC retreat. It is an experience that you will treasure for many years.



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